Happy Birthday Dave!!!!

Today was Dave's 35th Birthday.  He finally caught up to me!  I am so grateful to have such a wonderful man in my life.  I have decided to write 35 things I love most about Dave or favorite memories:)
1. He is smart.
2. He is funny.
3. He is handsome.
4. He has a GREAT personality.
5. He is the best dad.
6. He is the the best husband.
7. He is a hard worker.
8. He is very social....people genuinely like him and enjoy hanging out.
9. He dresses nice....buys all his own clothes, sorts himself out...packs his own clothes on trips.
10. He is responsible.
11.  He is ambitious.
12. He is a saver.
13.  He goes along with lots of my crazy whims...but knows when to say no:)
14. He enjoys traveling.
15. He values a dollar.
16. He loves to read books...or listen to audible books.....lots of them!
17. He is romantic. He has planned lots of romantic surprises for me:)
18. He knows being married to a twin is "unique"...and embraces it!
19. He is someone everyone can count on.
20. He is a team player.
21. He is a very caring person.
22. He puts the girls to bed every night so that he can have time with them...and to give me a               break.
23.  He likes things I like just because I like them and for no other reason.
24. He is loyal.

25. He was a sport about traveling through Europe with me and my twin sister.
26. He has everyone on our European trip convinced Christa had a lazy eye.
27. He takes care of himself....he exercises a lot.
28. He surprised me by proposing and by planning a surprise trip to Portland, Oregon.
29. He keeps saying he wants to plan a vacation, but ultimately is a sport when we end up doing
      something else.
30.  He loves taking little mini vacations\.
31. He likes to camp...but his idea of camping is sleeping in the back of a large SUV.
32. He is fun!
33. He is interesting.
34. He loves to eat out....a lot!
35.  He is not high maintenance:)

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