Meet the Teacher

Today was long, hot, and exhausting...but good.  Finley and Isabella both had doctor appointments.  The doctor said Finley looked great.  She is back to her birth weight.  I asked about her sleeping so long and the doctor said she is fine...and I am lucky!  Isabella had her 5 year check up.  She is in the 20 percentile, but her growth looks great.  None of the girls will be giants:)

After the appointment we headed upstairs for Finley to get her blood testing required by the state of Texas.  She did GREAT!
Next we headed to Memorial City Mall so I could see about my phone.  People can't hear me when they call or I call them.  The guy at the Apple store said I would probably need to get a new phone.  He suggested using a headphone with a speaker...it works..so for one month, I will be talking with headphones.  While we were there Christa texted they were there...too funny...We met up in the food court.
After we headed to Spring Branch School Board so I could get a letter saying my insurance would be dropped at the end of the month.  Dave needed the letter since he is trying to add me to his.  Because my phone wouldn't work, I had to drive there!
Isabella had meet the teacher tonight.  It went really well!  There were so many families.  Isabella's teachers seems really nice.  Her name is Mrs. Brooks.  We signed up for the PTA, pre-ordered her year book, and bought her 2 school spirit shirts. She is set!

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