So excited!!

Yesterday was awesome!!!! I went to doctor and he said I was much more progressed..he even swept my membranes to get me going...I don't have to check in hospital Sunday night, but instead have to be there 5:30 am!!! Sooo excited!

I took the girls to Katy Mills to buy school shoes. They each got a pair of brown shoes and boots..I treated myself to a nice gown and robe for the hospital:) I even picked up all three girl matching Halloween outfits:)

The girls and I were so tired when we got home. I ended up finishing my 26 page paper 2 minutes before Dave got home!! Talk about the biggest relief!!! So I am pretty much finished with my school work!!!! The only thing I have left is my internship in January where I will volunteer a few hours a week at a school...but, from now until the end of December, I am concentrating on my family:)

Dave was do sweet and picked up dinner:) pizza and sushi from Whole Foods...

Life is great! We are blessed!

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