Wow...what a day...I slept all day long...literally was in bed all day sleeping.  Today was one of those days that my husband wins the "BEST HUSBAND" award.  He was awesome....So caring, so considerate!
Dave woke the girls up very early and took them to watch his mom compete in the Bridgeland Triathlon.  I am really proud of my mother in law for taking such great care of herself and participating in races!

After the race Dave, the girls, and his mom went to lunch...I slept.  They came home, Karen drove back to Austin and the girls watched a few movies, Dave went for a bike ride, and I slept...and slept...
For dinner Dave had a gift card to Pei Wei that I bought him ages ago.  He went and picked us up dinner.  I ordered EXTRA SPICY coconut curry chicken....It was hot!!!

Tomorrow the girls and I are making cupcakes for her school party on Tuesday.  My doctor appointment is in the afternoon...I am kind of dreading it.  I will be 38 weeks, 5 days tomorrow.  I want the doctor to say he will induce me this week....but he might not...if my body is not ready then he won't...which is good...I really trust my doctor.  But, I am scared he will say come back next week...and then I am scared I am going to cry...a lot....I think it is because he induced me with Sophia exactly at 39 weeks...I had a date and could relax...
Life is good...we are blessed!!!!

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