Taking it easy

That is the theme in our house this week.  Dave took the week off to bond with Finley and to help around the house.

 Yesterday we took Finley to a doctors appointment.  Everything looks great.  She weighed 5 lbs 15 oz...which is normal because babies lose some weight after birth.

We made a freezer dinner meal and just enjoyed our little family of 5.
Today the girls went to school.  They were super excited about getting out of the house and being around their friends.  Christa, Charlotte, Paige, Abbey, and Allison stopped by for a little while to see the baby.  They are all really excited about her finally being born.  It is amazing how big Charlotte looks next to Finley.

On another positive note, we finally got our air conditioning issues fixed.  My poor in laws had to sleep in an upstairs room that was not properly ventilating.
The girls are pretty excited about their new sister...If truth be told, we were really worried about Sophia, but she really has been awesome.  She wants to hold Finley and always gives her kisses.  Isabella is a tad jealous.  She shows it by being really quiet and then acting up.  We were surprised, but have made a point to shower them with even more attention to the large doses they already receive.

Life is good...we are sooo blesesed!

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