I can't stop crying and I know that I am being the biggest baby.....I know I need to be grateful and happy and everything else good.  I went to my doctors appointment today.  I knew he was going to say I wasn't ready.  He was so nice about it.  He is having me come back on Friday to check me.  If I am more progressed, I go Monday 5:30 am to start the induction.  If I am not as progressed as he would like, he wants me to check in the hospital Sunday night to get things started (they did this with Isabella).
I am crying because I am just so done with being pregnant.  I am really grateful that I have an exact date and I don't have to keep going back to dr appointments over and over...but I just can't calm down...Maybe it is because I wake up every hour every night....I am praying that tomorrow I wake up in a better mood...

Of course Dave has been wonderful.  He went to Black Walnut Cafe and picked us up dinner.  Life is good... I was hoping to have her on Thursday and having her on Monday is really not that big of a difference....
Life is good...we are blessed!
Today wasn't completely a bust.  The girls and I made cupcakes for Isabella's school birthday party tomorrow.  Christa watched the girls while I was at the dr.  They love seeing their cousins!

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