Summer is here!!!!

I am so happy that summer is here and o get to spend so much extra time with my girls! They are growing up so fast!

We have spent the last month doing swim lessons every day at our house. Isabella and Sophia are officially swimmers. Finley is doing well and I have her enrolled in maintenance classes.

I feel like Sophia looks just like me!

Finley is "little Sophia". They have very similar personalities. Strong willed, funny, spunky, and cute.

Isabella is my mature, smart, motherly child. I'm so proud of her for getting into the gifted and talented program!

Worn out from swim lessons!

Still beats to her own drum!

I recently went on a few day girls trip to Cancun. I was so fun and relaxing. I'm so grateful Dave was 100 % supportive!

After I got back from my trip I finally got answers to why I have been experiencing chronic exhaustion despite my crazy working out schedule and healthy eating. My endocrinologist found I have hypoglycemia.

I'm currently in the process of getting it taken care of!!! Yea to finally having my life back!

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