The title is random. I asked what I should title the family blog and he said potato. I asked him if it has an e on the end. He told me to not pull a "Dan Quayle".

It's Friday night and we are taking it easy. We ordered pizza and are watching Royal Pains (our current Netflix tv show). The world is watching Hurricane Patricia (the most powerful hurricane ever (200 mph). It's supposed to hit Mexico. We are expected to get lots of rain and flooding.
This week has been great. Grandma Karen rode her bike from Austin, Texas to Derrider, Louisiana, with three of her friends. She is a bad ass! We are so proud of her!
Monday we took the kids (Finley, Charlotte, Kate) to Dewberry Farms.
Monday evening Finley had a ballet parent watch. Finley did awesome and was the best behaved and so serious!
Tuesday I went to lunch with friends.
The girls got school pictures!

Today I went to cheer the girls on for their color run.

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