The Crud

I wish I could say our weekend was perfect, but there were a few hiccups.
Friday night we took it easy and prepared for a weekend full of rain. Our family holiday pictures got canceled because it literally did not stop raining all Saturday and Sunday.
Saturday Sophia and I braved the weather so she could attend a friend's Star Wars birthday party. Dave stayed home and cheered UT and their win.
During the day the girls and I baked our first Apple pie.
Saturday evening Christa and Brad watched the girls so we could attend our friends (and neighbors) Halloween party.
We had a lot of fun!
Sunday for the most part was good (the Saints beat the Colts). When I picked the girls up in the morning I found out Christa got really sick in the middle of the night (stomach bug) and felt bad because she was in bed all day Sunday.
I felt great all day Sunday and prepared a craft for a play date/craft exchange for the next day.
Until around 8 pm when I started feeling bad. It hit me so fast and I was bad.
I started throwing up (sorry tmi) about 10-15 times. I had a fever and the chills. I was up all night and took two hot baths. I was a mess and realized I had what Christa had, but a day later.
Dave took Isabella and Sophia to the bus stop and dropped Finley off at Christa's because she was feeling a tad better than myself.
I slept most of the day and then would randomly send Dave a selfie showing how miserable I was. I stopped throwing up around 9 am Monday morning, but still had fever and the chills. I was fortunate to try out Amazon Primr delivery and had them deliver me soup, crackers, diet ginger ale, and Lysol.
I managed to get the girls off of the bus at 4 and Christa dropped Finley off at 6:15. I felt bad (because I was so sick) but also because the girls wanted to love on me. I love them enough to have kept my distance. Dave carved pumpkins with them Monday night while I was still in bed miserable.
The good news is that I felt a little better Tuesday (you can see my quick grocery store purchase) and felt almost back to normal on Wednesday.
We walked to the bust stop and Finley refused to wear pants.
Wednesday I felt well enough to exercise and clean out the garage (my family is coming in this weekend).
Dave went to poker night and I let the girls fall asleep in my bed. Finley was the last man standing.
Here is Finley pretending to sleep.

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