Isabella Caroline

- 7 years (always reminds us she is in her upper sevens)
- Still my typical oldest child. She is serious and a rule follower.
- She loves school and is doing very well in Mrs. Smith's 2nd grade class at Rennell.
- She's in the Gifted and Talented Program and makes good grades.
- She has such a cute laugh.
- She is protective of her sisters and is a very kind person in general.
- She loves to read, draw (especially fashion drawings), and play games.
- She is sensitive and gets along with others.
- Her favorite foods include pancakes, chicken fried rice, and mint chocolate chip ice cream.
- She loves watching Project Runway and Project Runway Junior with her mom.
- She is still an early bird.
- She is good at doing her chores (unloading dishwasher and cleaning up).
- She is a homebody and will prefer to stay in on a Friday night and eat pizza and watch movies.
- She enjoys going to church on Tuesday nights in preparation for her first communion.
- She gets a kick out of the fact that her bus driver looks like Santa.

- She has lost 3 teeth so far, but might have to have a few pulled to make room in her mouth- the dentist has already said she will need braces.
- She enjoys Legos 

- She gets claustrophobic (we found this out when visiting an aircraft carrier in Corpus Christie)
- She hates visiting the dentist. She is not a great patient.

- She is such a creative, smart young lady!!! She loves arts and crafts.
- She is still the shortest in her class, but she does not let that bother her at all 
- She loves hanging out with all 11 of her cousins. This is especially true when they fix her hair.

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