Taking The Plunge

This weekend was fun and busy. We watched the Texans lose in a very embarrassing play off game and the kids played with all of their new Christmas toys.
Today we went to the Towne Lake Swim team Polar Bear Plunge fundraiser. The neighborhood is just starting a team and Dave wants the girls to join it eventually. We can't do it this year because we will be gone three weeks in the summer.
When I signed up I thought we would causally just kind of walk in the lake. Nope, that's not how it worked. First, it was mostly men and we had to jump off of the dock into the lake.
The kids were the ones waking in the lake.
I was calm until the countdown when I realized I had to jump in a cold lake. My friend Anna saw my look of fright and grabbed my hand so we jumped together. It honestly was not that bad. After the initial shock, you just start swimming to the shore.
Later in the day we moved all the girls rooms around. We moved Finley into a big girl bed in Isabella's old room. We moved the twin beds into Sophia's room for Isabella and Sophia, and we moved Sophia's full bed into Finley's old room. We now have two guest rooms.
I ordered two twin memory foam mattresses on Amazon. The girls got a kick out of taking it out of the box and watching it expand.
Finley is obsessed with me giving her Elsa braids!
Finley and I matched on Friday.
I've been hitting it very hard at the gym. Have worked out 6 out of the last 7 days!

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