Sophia Elise

- She is one spunky 6 year old.
- She loves kindergarten and loves riding the bus.
- She is obsessed with sea turtles (not to be confused with ninja turtles)
- She is a class clown!
- She knows 99% of her site words an is a member of the 100 club (she can count to 100)
- She loves to pick out her own outfits and her mommy usually vetoes 25% of them 
- She is always smiling!
- She is still not a morning person, but a late owl like her daddy.
- She was the only one who wanted to go to the movie theater with her dad to watch the new Star Wars movie
- She loves playing upstairs with her toys. She will spend hours playing with blocks, Barbies, and stuffed animals.
- She is a pretty good eater and loves sushi, pizza, and ice cream.
- When my friends see her at Rennell (at lunch, in the library) they always say how well behaved she is.
- She loves bugs and insects
- She is pretty good taking care of her fish (although she was disappointed she didn't get a real turtle for her birthday)
- She is a social butterfly.
- She loves being outside.
- She enjoys reading sight word books and working on her homework with her dad.
- You can be mad at her but then she will smile and your heart melts.
- She decided to dress up in her fancy red dress for school pictures.
- She likes downloading free games on the iPhone.
- She is a girlie girl who likes having her nails done, but at the same time is happy in mud.
- She is the smallest in her class but has been growing. She wears a size 4 pants and 5 shirt.
- She likes trying to play in my make-up
- She is such a good friend to her classmates and generally a happy, sweet, funny girl.
- She is very smart and creative.
- She will gladly fish out an old bib and put it on even though she is 6. 
- She loves spending time with her cousins.

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