Earrings and Progress

About a week ago Sophia came up to me and said she wanted her ears pierced. Both she and Isabella have previously had their ears pierced (about 3 or 4 years ago) but they both hated them. Isabella does not want them again. I think she will eventually change her mind.

So I took Sophia to Claire's to have them pierced. I was shocked by the $50.00 price tag of 2 small 14 carat gold earrings, but she was being so brave w got them.

Poor baby cried hard after the first punch. I just held her tight. After she was fine and now a few days later she is stilled thrilled with her earrings.

We have been busy getting back into our normal schedule after the holidays.

We love living close to Christa's. Tuesday morning she called to let me know she left donuts on our front porch for the girls.  She got donuts for her kids and thought about mine!

Monday night I stepped on a piece of glass from a broken lamp. It so deep that on Tuesday I had to go to urgent care and get it taken out. That was so painful because they have me a shot to numb it. That shot was a million times worse than all 3 of my epidurals. The doctor couldn't find it because it was so deep, but made a small incision and found it. He was shocked by the size and how far it was. I'm now on a 10 day antibiotic. I'm just glad it was me who stepped on it and not one of the girls.

I am happy to report we finally have progress on our backyard! I think my direct email worked! 

We are so blessed and appreciative! We can't wait to be able to use our backyard! They are bricking the left pole today so that we can order our child protection fence!

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