The Girls

The girls are getting so big! Time goes by so fast!

- is a very smart, caring 6 year old
- has great manners
- is a people pleaser
- is a complete mama/teacher's helper
- loves reading
- can't get enough homework 
- is a great writer 
- often will not want to eat something new, but after I make her she will admit she likes it
- is very conscious about getting to places on time. She wants to be school at 8:30 pronto!
- rides the bus and enjoys it
- loves arts and crafts
- likes when I attempt to braid her hair
- wants me to help her decide what to wear
- will let her daddy buy her a pair of crazy bright colored shoes, but refuses to wear them- she is a conservative dresser
- still wants to be a singer when she grows up
- is still a morning person 

- a smart, funny 5 year old
- loves her new school!
- loves her new earrings- she heard a friend at school say his rabbit cost $1000.00, so she told her teacher her earrings cost $1000.00- not!
- is my adventurous eater- will try anything
-likes to make "crazy eyes"
- loves attention
- is so loving and caring
- is a night owl
- has started to learn sight words and to read
- still loves to dress in a "unique" way
- loves her crazy colored shoes
- loves to draw
- wants to be a veterinarian when she grows up

- is 17 months old
- is smart, sensitive,and feisty
- loves her sisters and all of her cousins, especially her BFF char char 
- talks, yells, and babbles
- likes/ needs her sleep
- gets mad if mommy shows any attention to he siblings
- will throw her body on mine to be in the center of her sisters
- is still my serious child, but smiles much more often
- you can see the wheels spinning in her face that the she knows exactly what goes on
- she and char char fight a lot!
- is my best eater 

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