The Pool is Open!

The pool and hot tub are complete, but we decided to only heat the hot tub on normal days. If we have a special occasion before the summer, we will heat the pool. The pool is not that big so it won't be a huge ordeal.

We are just so excited! We have our safety fence being installed in about a week. The granite guy came to measure yesterday for the outdoor kitchen. One of Dave's co-workers suggested we ask for the sink cut out to polish and have as a cutting board.

Christa brought finger paint over for the girls to play with. I joked that the next time I go to her house I am going to bring play dough and musical instruments.

We took the girls to Chili's for lunch.


I then let the kids raid the lolly pop bowl.

Saturday the Finley and Charlotte were invited to their friend Harper's 2nd birthday party at the Little Gym.

Later Dave, the girls, and I went to Gringos for the first time. The food was great!

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