Happy New Year

Happy 2015! The last part of 2014 was busy. The girls went to a birthday party at the Houston Fire Museum.

A group of us hosted a sprinkle for a couple of friends who are having a baby.

Sophia and Finley had holiday parties and a Christmas program at their Mother's Day Out.

Next we drove to Breaux Bride to watch Michelle graduate from ULL.

We came back to Texas to celebrate Christmas at our house with Dave's family. Unfortunately Dave was so sick most of the time with a stomach bug.

Isabella kept coming up with surveys for us to take!

We had friends over and ordered 9 xl pizzas!

I'm on day 9 of working out. New Years day I walked on the treadmill barefoot for 5 minutes. I'm trying to create a habit!

Next I spent a few days organizing all of the toys.

Grandpa Rich was worried the harmonicas he bought the girls were lost. I found one!

We had a fantastic time at our friends' Jenn and Jared's New Years Eve Party!

And finally our first world problem. 3 months and 95% payment and we still have a joke in the ground. No progress at all. We are trying to get the pool company to do right by us and finish the project. The originally said the full project would be complete 11/30. It is January and we still have about 40% complete and a hole in the ground. At the start of the project when they kept asking for check after check and little was being done, we asked them what incentive did  they have in getting our project complete when they had almost all the money, and unfortunately this they proved our concerns true. The weather has been amazing. We have had workers at our house a total of about 10 days in the lady 3 months.

Ok...sorry to complain. We are grateful but feel disappointed and feel the company has really dropped the ball. Our friends keep asking about the status of the pool and we have nothing positive to report. Many of these same people are looking for a pool company.

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I'm so sorry to hear about your pool. I was wondering how it was going. I really hope they finish soon.