We have a biter!

Finley has decided that biting is fun. I try and discipline her, but she just laughs. Sometimes she will just bite me out of nowhere!

She is too cute! She looks just like the other girls at this age. When I ask her what a cow says, she says "boo". 

I love these girls so much! They all have the cutest personalities. 

Dave and I are in a push to finish all of our unfinished projects. I cleaned our media (junk room) out so that we coukd use it. The room has nice surround sound speakers. We didn't want to spend a fortune on a screen/projector, so we bought a 70 inch at Costco.



We moved the leather couch from the game room (it was too big for the space) to the media room. I convinced Dave we should rent a uhaul and go pick up the big items on our list. 

I love this ikea couch because it is better for the space and it is a dark color!

Shelf for outside that I bought at Home Goods. I'm going to buy baskets to use for goggles, sunscreen, etc.

Funny story about the Uhaul. Every time we would drop off a load at our house, our neighborhood security guy would drive up to check things out. I'm not complaining because I am grateful for the diligence, but after the third time it was too funny. 

Christa and Brad came over to help put together things. They are awesome!


We are so blessed! 

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