Birthday parties

This was the weekend of the birthday parties. Dave and I decided to divide and conquor. He took Sophia to the first party at Build a Bear and California Pizza Kitchen. Isabella, Finley, and I went to SAMs and the outlet mall.

I couldn't believe she came home with this huge unicorn. Of course Isabella got upset because she didn't get to go so I promised if she started helping out more around the house I would take her before Christmas.

I took Sophia to the next party so Dave could watch the UT/Baylor game.

We went to Christa's because my mom was in town. I bought stuff for the kids to make care packages to keep in the car and give out to people in need.

Christa and her kids were super sweet and bought Sophia a cake and presents to celebrate her 4th bday coming up on Monday. They bought her a microphone on a pole..She loves it!!!

 Finally today we got it together enough to decorate for Christmas!!

One more thing..tomorrow we have a Daisy meeting. The girls are going to carol at an Alztheimers place. It is our last meeting in December so I ordered daisy hair bows for all the girls.


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