Will the real Santa Please stand up.

Ok...I love my girls ...they are so sweet and so innocent and so smart...all three of them!!! My plan was to take them to sit on Santa's lap, wearing matching outfits of course!

I felt bad because I took Isabella when she was 4 months, and then again at 16 months..then nothing... No Santa for Sophia or Isabella...

Soo...I was on a mission today:)

We showed up at Katy Mills mall around 12:45...we find the VERY LONG Santa line...we were in it for a few minutes before we were told Santaxwas taking an hour long break between 1-2... WHAT!!!!! REALLY!!! This is what I was thinking with a 5, 4, and 4 month old...he has to take the full hour? I never got an hour for lunch as a teacher!!! So I was a bit aggravated, but the girls were being Angels , and Sophia has a bad cold..so we waited...and waited...

And then the girl behind us got a call from her husband who told her that there was a Bass Pro Santa who was not on break! We went, waited patiently and got 2 free pictures:)

I just wondered how Isavelks processed all the moves to different Santa's..she told me " mom, Santa left so he could see other children:)"... We are so blessed!!

We met my sweet friend Melissa because she had a awesome gift for our family...snowball fight..the girls love it !!! They were pelting Finley and I on the couch from upstairs..

We ordered pizza from Isavella Mia...yum!!! Life is great!!

Oh, then we watched Troop Beverly Hills!!!

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