Happy December

December has finally arrived!! We are supposed to have a few warm days (icky) and then it will be cold again (yes!)

We had a great time in Austin.

The girls had a blast at the Chuey's Children giving back to other children parade:)

Last night my in- laws watched the girls so Dave and I could have a date night:(

We went to a really good Italian restaurant called North in the Domain.

We then had a drink at a pub and saw the biggest St. Bernard.

I'll admit I am not sure how I feel about the dogs and resturants. We wanted to sit outside at the Italian restaurant but it was enclosed and a huge dog smelled the patio up..I told Dave I didn't want to smell stinky dog the whole time.

Finally we headed back towards Dave's parents. We stopped at a whole in the wall bar. We got stuck talking to these three weirdos..

I was very happy to be back home with our cute girls:)


Brad sent this picture of Molly (they dog say for us)...it said "my owners abounded me"

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