Holidays here we come!!

For the past 14 years this day has been memorable..it was always an easy, breezy day before a wonderful 2 week vacation. I still appreciate it because now I get to see my husband and kids nonstop for 2 weeks:)

Isabella had a pj day at school where they got a special book read to them and hot coco with marshmallows. We had to sign a special note allowing them to basically have fun instead of pencil and paper work.

I dropped the girls off, worked out (710 calories) and then got ready. I am very late with this picture...I am being a cheapskate and using Charlotte's stickers!

I got into the dreaded car rider line about an hour early and then surprised Isabella by taking her into town to Build a Bear. I promised her I would take her before Christmas (after Sophia came back from a bday party with a huge stuffed decked out my little pony)...I decided it would be cheaper to leave Sophia at school and just pick up a small trinket for her Sparkly Pony. 


We picked up Sophia and headed back home.. It was 4 pm and we were in our pjs telling Dave to come home because we were hungry:) Life is good and we appreciate it!

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