You either have it or you don't...and once someone starts questioning yours, it is a slippery slope..I know I far from perfect, but I try to live my life in a good way....like I said, I am human and make mistakes...

Someone I knew from a long time ago did a few things that did not sit right with me (not a family member)...it bothered me so I called her out on it.. It was super stressful, but I felt someone should stand up for what is right .

Long story short, the person didn't get it...you can't teach grown adults manners  or morales...l just hope she learns something.

Sophia couldn't get herself ready today so she stayed at home with me..I was trying to teach her a lesson..I think she got it:) she refused to get ready for school so I let her stay at home because she is in preschool..she got bored after about 2 hours and asked to go to school..I told her no... Next time she needs to get ready!!

Lastly, our tree is half way up..I have never waited this late!!! I need some to in my step to finish it:)

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