Happy 4th birthday Sophia

Monday was Sophia's 4th birthday. I surprised her with breakfast in bed.

She had a pizza party with her class, cupcakes, and her friends went home with treat bags.

We asked where she wanted to go to dinner and she said sushi! We decided to order a sushi boat...our first ever:)

Today Sophia had her 4 year checkup at the doctor. The bad news was that she got 2 shots, the good news is that she doesn't get another scheduled vaccine until she is 11.

Everything looked great. She was finally back on the chart (at the very bottom).  She weighs 25 pounds. She did well on all of her milestone tests. The doctor was impressed with her reasoning skills. She said that we shouldn't worry about her still wearing a pull up to bed because she is a heavy sleeper and will probably outgrow it. I asked about her speech. She said she could understand her. She said if we wanted to get her tested, there is a state law that says school districts have to test and provide services. I'm going to schedule testing because I want to see if she needs any speech therapy.

After the doctor appointment Sophia wanted pasta for lunch. We went to Olive Garden. She loved their soup de Tuscan. 

Sophia is one of the nicest, funniest, spunkiest girls I know:)

She told me her unicorn got in trouble (told a long story) so she spanked sparkle's hiny and grounded her for four hours.

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