Busy weekend

This weekend was GREAT! Dave showed up Friday night with a huge pizza (size of 3 large pizzas)

Saturday we went to Home Depot and bought a new dish washer. Ours broke. Dave was happy because he has always disliked ours:)

We cleaned the house during the rest of the afternoon.

Sturday night we headed to La Centerra for an Italian dinner and for the girls to be entertained by Radio Disney. They had a blast!

Sunday morning our carpenter came over to start on some of our projects (they still need to be painted)

Shelves will go here

Someone broke in our car last night (we accidentally left it open)..they only stole about 20.00...I called the cops because this is not the first time this has happened.

We met up with friends for crawfish and lunch:)

We then headed to the new Costco.

Dave was super awesome and took the girls to a dinner picnic so I could work on an assignment that was due. He's pretty awesome.

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