Dr apt

I had my biopsy. I have a large mass and small mass near my thyroid. Thr doctor doesn't know if it is cancer but said regardless he will probably want to remove the large one. Everyone has been super nice with kind words and prayers. For that I will always be grateful:)

I went bed shopping today and think I found the one we want to buy:)

Dave was so sweet taking me to my appointment.

I'm super excited about something I read on another blog. I had always said I wish I could find someone to help me pick out cute clothes. There is a website called Stitch Fix. You tell them your likes, dislikes, measurements, etc and once a month a stylist picks out cute stuff for you. They send it to you, you have three days to decide and whatever you don't want to keep you send back in an already paid postage envelope. The cost is a 20.00 styling fee that you apply to anything you decide to keep...I'm excited to see what they send. It reminds me of zappos. The blogger who reviewed the company had three super cute outfits. She said she liked they picked out stuff she normally would not have thought about trying on:)

Things should be hectic over the next few days, but I am grateful and happy:)

Picture Isabella made. I love how she spelled pizza:)

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