Lots of stories....

Today was so nice.....lots of positive vibes.... I interned at Isabella's school. 

My mentor counselor is so awesome.....I thank God for blessing me with this internship/mentor.  She is so nice, professional, and caring.  She treated me to lunch at Zoe's because tomorrow is my surgery.  Everyone has been so nice.  She, a teacher, and the assistant principal wanted to bring me food.  I told them I was SOOO appreciative, but they were way too busy and plus, I do freezer meal exchange:)

Sophia's school sent me a picture of her during naptime.  Imagine my surprise when I see her sleeping with her HUGE stuffed animal alligator.  She was all excited that this week's letter was A.  She decided she wanted to bring the alligator.  I told her show and tell was Friday, she could bring it then.  Somehow Dave heard part of the conversation and thought it was ok.  The teacher thought it was funny. 

Her teacher also told me that Sophia told her a princess story about Princess Arial and Prince Eric who kissed and lived happily ever after.  She said, "my mommy and daddy kiss all the time because they are in love"...

Christa and Charlotte are spending the night so she can help with the girls.  Christa facetimed Brad and Sophia started talking about her boyfriend "Niles" (One Direction).  I asked her what happened to Justin Bieber.  She said, "he's in jail".  I don't like him at all.

Isabella's class is doing a unit on farms.  She keeps on talking about interesting facts.  She said she wants to have her own farm one day. Sophia said she would milk the cows. 

Isabella told me "mom, I saved my friends life today".  Me, "really, what happened?"  Isabella "well, my friend is allergic to fire ants.  I saw one and stepped on it....I saved her life"....Too cute:)

Dave dropped Finley off at school.  When I left this morning she had the ugliest orange bib on.  When I picked her up from daycare 8 hours later she was still wearing the ugly orange bib. I guess the daycare thought we wanted her wearing it all day....First world problems.

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