I had surgery Wednesday morning to have the left side of my thyroid removed. Christa was awesome and spent the night Tuesday night to sort the girls out. I had to be at the day surgery center at 6 am. The surgery went very well. I imagined I would sleep the rest of the day...poor me, I was wrong. I was soo nauseated all day from the anesthesia. It was horrible...the doctor called in zofran...they didn't work...finally around 10 pm I threw up and felt better. 

This morning my awesome twin sister showed up at 7 am with flowers, sushi, magazines, and donuts.  Dave took me to have my port taken out (it freaked the girls out...Isabella asked if I was in a car wreck and Sophia asked if I was going to die)...poor girls:) Christa cleaned my house while we were gone..did I mention how awesome she is!!!

I'm just sleeping and taking it easy. I have an online class tonight:) I'm so grateful for everything!!!! God is great!

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