I haven't had a chance to post since my roller coaster.  First I AM SOOOOO GRATEFUL I DO NOT HAVE CANCER!!!!! I am also so appreciative for all the prayers and kind words....There are people who are going through so much worse, yet took the time to be wonderful.  I will admit that this past weekend was very stressful.  I could not stop thinking about me having cancer.  I got through Monday and then headed to my internship on Tuesday morning.  The plan was for me to put in a few hours and then leave at 1 for my dr. appointment.  Dave (best husband ever!) drove home from downtown and asked if I could leave early to take me to lunch.  My AWESOME counselor mentor said, absolutely go!

We had a nice lunch at Yard House in City Center....Well, I say nice lunch...I think I am trying to put a positive spin on it...Truth be told I was SCARED out of my mind.  I just knew that in one hour the doctor was going to tell me I had cancer.  I ordered a dirty martini.  I was so scared.  Of course I was an emotional wreck all through lunch and did a lot of crying.  I imagine all the businessmen having lunch around us probably were thinking that Dave cheated on me....which of course he would never!  But to see this poor blonde girl balling her eyes out...

Anyway, so we got the best news ever.  I was shocked...no cancer...how could my twin sister have it, I have a large mass and mine is not cancer...I will take it!  The plan is that I will go next Wednesday morning for an outpatient procedure (Christa had to spend the night at the hospital because they took her entire thyroid).  The doctor is taking the left side (with the mass).  He says it is very large and will only continue to grow.  He will have it sent off and checked for the inside to make sure there are not "micro cancer parts".  He says that I should not have to take thyroid medicine and my right side of the thyroid will just work harder.  It made me think of kidneys.  How you can life with one.

Funny story...when we got home, Dave immediately left to pick up Sophia and Finley at daycare.  I walked down the street to pick up Isabella.  My very sweet neighbor Rhonda, picked Isabella up in the car rider line.  She has a first grader.  I took the double stroller with me because I knew I would have to carry Isabella's car seat back and I was being lazy.  I turned it around in preparation for when we were leaving.  When Rhonda opened the door she was so sweet, but she kept insisting that she keep the door open.  I said, you don't have to keep it open (while we were inside and getting Isabella...she was like, no, its fine)...As Isabella and I were leaving, she said something about Finley and the stroller...I looked at her and laughed...I said, "oh my goodness, you thought Finley was in the stroller the whole time!!!!! She said, "she's not in there?"....Haha...I am just grateful we sorted that out because if we had not, she would think I was the worst mother ever!!!!! I would never leave Finley outside in a stroller and shut the front door....:)

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