Life is good...I am SOOO grateful.....I hope I don't seem like I am complaining a lot...because I don't want to be that person.

Updates on the girls

Miss Finley Katherine
- is almost 6 months
- sits up pretty well
- has started talking...or babbling...she has said dada...
- smiles all the time
- is a good eater
- is a good sleeper
- loves her cousin Charlotte
- her favorite song is "Tiny Tim"...she will just smile when we sing it
- is a mamma's girl

Miss Sophia Elise
- is 4 years old
- still the life of the party
- so cute, so sweet
- still beats to her own drum....dresses herself and comes up with "creative" outfits
- loves her sisters
- is still wearing "pull ups" at night
- wants her own room (but would probably crawl into Isabella's bed every night)
- is still petite
- told me she got in trouble with Ms. "REA"...(Ms. Maria)...for walking crazy...her teacher laughed and said she was good...several friends got in trouble and she was surprised Sophia told me.
- wants to wear cute skirts, leggings, boots, and a cute top every day

Miss Isabella Caroline
- is 5 1/2
- very mature
- LOVES me doing my internship at her school...she is so proud!
- is very smart
- we are working on "tattling" and her crying...she only does it at home...or mostly at home
- she still LOVES school and homework
- is very sweet
- loves her sisters and her new big girl car seat
- loves Girl Scout and me being her troop leader
- very mature

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