Are you girls on a swim team?

These are the best words to hear at 6 am in the morning when you are at the Y, getting ready for work after a hard workout. Christa and I were getting ready for work, blow drying our hair, putting make up on, when a nice lady (maybe 50ish) started small talk..she asked if we were on a swim team (I really didn't get it at the time)...we said no, we wanted to get skinny for the summer...she said she has lost a lot of weight cutting out sugar...Christa said her problem was she liked wine...the woman looked at her funny, but just for a second...we keep talking and then Christa says something about her husband and the lady finally stops us and says....wait, wait..how old are you girls? Christa said almost 33...she about fell out of her chair..(actually she was standing)...she said she thought we were in high school...we started laughing saying Christa's wine remarks probably seemed crazy.

The rest of the day was great....my students were awesome...I picked the girls up, came home, and just enjoyed them...we played...Isabella is in the "can we play hide and seek" phase...Sophia is trying to play as well...both girls are awesome...I am soooo blessed...Sophia is not walking yet, but that is ok...Dave keeps reminding everyone that he was 18 months before he walked. Tonight Dave joked and said he worries that if we keep holding Sophia all the time (one of the reasons the dr said second children walk later)she will lose her work ethic...really...that is funny...especially since he knows I am always talking about work ethic...Love all of them!

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