Lazy Sunday

Today was the perfect lazy Sunday. We ventured out to have lunch at Potbelly and then the grocery store (I know...we should have gone to mass...) The girls were very sweet. Isabella has now elevated herself to using the bathroom on the big regular potty. She has her little step stool and goes to town. She is miss little independent. We came back and took it easy. The girls took long naps and then watched the dvd we bought them at HEB (Megamind)...they liked it...I spent the day relaxing and dabbled with lesson plans. Overall I am very pleased with how much I got accomplished during the break. I spent a ton of time with my girls and Dave (only took them to school 1 day), and spent the rest organizing and cleaning the entire house...it was work, but totally worth it. The cleaning lady is coming tomorrow so it will be perfect!

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