Finally Friday

I think this is the sentiment for most of the teachers at our school...For some reason this week was hard...real hard...probably because we are coming back from Spring Break. I didn't work out this morning so I was able to help Dave get the girls ready in the morning. The smile on Sophia's face was priceless. I literally had not seen her awake in over 2 days from coming home so late. She is a ham. She is pulling herself up and standing for a few seconds...but is too scared to take a step...it is soon.

I told my student teacher Brittany that she didn't have to come to school because she had a job fair at the University of Houston. She ended up coming to school 7th period. I feel bad because the job fair didn't go that well...not because anything she did, but because nobody is really hiring teachers.

This evening I ordered sushi and the girls chicken terraki for dinner...it was soooo good...I ordered a half shaggy dog roll and tuna tar tar for me...and then the girls chicken...I love that they will deliver sushi to our house...and it was less than 20.00which is cheap. Dave opted for pizza and beer.

I was super excited because I really want to meet our neighbors (we have lived here almost 2 years) and there are a TON of young families with kids. There is family down the street that I have talked to a couple of times. Today she rang the bell (her husband was in the car) and invited Dave and I and the girls over next Saturday for a play date...nothing fancy...they invited another couple with young kids on another street. They want to get to know the neighbors...I love that she (Elizabeth) did this, because this is something I would totally do)...

This evening my sweet neighbor Kelly invited the girls and I to come outside and play. Her cute daughter Kaitlin is Isabella's age and they are almost 4 months pregnant with their second. The girls had so much fun and played in the dirt....Isabella looked like a chimney sweeper tonight...but she had a blast!!! We are so fortunate...I just can't stop thinking about all those thousands of people who lost their lives in the Japanese Earthquake/Tsunami...so far over 20,000 dead...and the nuclear problems they are facing....too much to even grasp...

This weekend should be fun...we have lots of options...Houston has a ton of events and the weather will be nice...

One more thing...Sophia keeps getting accident reports from school...kids keep bighting her...but it really is her fault...she will shove her finger in their mouth (I know, because she does this to all of us)...I hope the parents don't get embarassed...I am sure the daycare teachers explain that my kid shoves her fingers down everyone's throats! haha..

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