Really....1 more day until Spring BREAK!!!!

I really can't believe tomorrow is the day before Spring Break...I can't believe it is almost summer time....crazy. Today has been a great day...a long one, but a good one. Dave was pretty much Mr. Mom. After I tutored this afternoon, I ran by Christa's house to check out her new granite counters and backsplash...It looks awesome. I then drove to Buffalo Speedway to put together this month's dream dinners. This was my second time and I definitely wish Dave would have been with me. I can't wait to try this month's recipes! I didn't get home until almost 9 pm...

I was excited to see the backpacks I ordered for the girls came in. We have been using grocery bags to cart the girls stuff to and from school everyday...they are both green so it is sometimes confusing to figure out which girl has which bag. I have been keeping an eye out for a good deal. I finally found 2 on pottery barn kids that was on sale, free shipping, and for a small fee had their names embroidered on them.

I am still so impressed with the girls' new school- The Goddard School. Here is another example of their daily reports.

Theme: Dinosaurs

Language Arts: As my teacher hid the stuffed dino under the blanket, I said "bye, bye"
Cognitive Development: We sorted through our soft blocks to find the green ones
Creative Arts: We used our hand prints to make a green dino paw on green paper
Music/Movement: I stomped around the room to the song "Ten Big Dinosaurs"
Motor Skills: We used a paint brush to paint yellow gold on a black pot
Social Science: I showed off my stuffed animal to all my friends (Sophia brought Ernie)
Science/Nature Study: I dropped my dino egg in a bucket of water to see how big the splash is
Self-Help: Life Skills: I held my spoon to try and feed myself green dino food
Memorable Moment: Sophia loved the green dino food! (green applesauce)

Theme: Fairy Tales

Language Arts: We loved reading "Cinderella" today. It is such a great fairy tale. We gathered books and went outside to read them in the spring sunshine
Cognitive Development: We played a fun and interactive game of trying to find Cinderella's missing glass slipper
Creative Arts: We all used our imagination and designed our own version of Cinderella's slipper.
Music/Movement: We did something different today! WE did the Chicken Dance. We followed Ms. Lauren's directions
Motor Skills: We pretended to be Cinderella racing to get home before the clock struck midnight. We raced outside and dashed across the grass. We gave ourselves a workout.
Science/Nature Study: Today we learned what happens when Alka Seltzer is placed in a small air tight container. We have such bright scientists in our class.
Social Science: Once again, we pretended to be Cinderella in the dramatic play center...and we used our brooms and dust pans cleaning, just as she did
Special Enrichment: Everyone should have a magic wand, so we made our own! We made a lot of good wishes hoping they would all come true!
Memorable Moment: Isabella was such a helper this morning. It was nice to sit with her while she helped me sort the colored pencils to find the ones that needed sharpening and those that did not.

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