Day of errands

We ran the roads all day today....We have the worst ATT signal inside our house and often can't take or make calls...apparently att is worried we (and others) will switch to verizon now they offer the iphone...so they sent us a letter saying we could receive a free tower that would help with reception, we just had to pick it up at one of their stores. We also spent a few hours at Katy Mills. I bought the girls each a good pair of stride right white sandals for the summer. Dave balked at paying 20.00 each (they were on sale)...I told him the brand was sturdy and we would get our money's worth...I don't think guys understand the meaning of staples in our wardrobe...haha..We came home and popped in a dream dinner (Firehouse three cheese and meatball pasta)...it was soooooo goood!!! One of the best we have had.

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