Beautiful day for the park

Day #2 of Spring Break...it was great. Dave went to work (1/2 day), the girls and I woke up at 8am...It took me until 9 to get them ready and drop them off at school. Sophia is still not feeling 100%. I then went and worked out for over an hour. I came home and cleaned for a couple of hours. I have been organizing different parts of the house every day. Dave came home around 1:30 and took me on a mini date at Baker Street. We had lunch and then picked the girls up at 2 to take the to the park. They had a blast (especially when they got an ice cream from the ice cream truck). Tonight I cooked another dream dinner- Salmon Pinwheels...they were so good...basically salmon stuffed with creme cheese and crabmeat...we had veggies on the side.

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