sushi and shoes

Since today was not the best of days I treated myself to sushi...the girls got chicken terraki...Lately Sophia has had a shoe fetish...she wants them on all the time. Today she brought 1 shoe to me and wanted me to put it on her...she looked pretty funny in nothing but a diaper and 1 shoe...It reminded me of some of the gangsters who roll one of their pant legs up to let others know they are in a gang...which also makes me think of my conversation I had with some of my students yesterday about gangs...we started talking about people that ta too tear drops on their face. They said filled in means you killed someone, if you have a tear that is not filled in it means you went to jail...my question to them was..."aren't people embarrassed that they went to jail??? do you really want to advertise that?' crazy...anyway, back to the shoes...Sophia ended up in my bed with her pjs and 2 right foot (non-matching shoes)..she is ham!

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