Isabella...31 months

Isabella...such a big personality...
- she is 99% potty trained...she will go without telling us or asking us...she is in panties most of the day...she sometimes has #2 accidents
- the stuff that comes out of her mouth is hilarious...she started banging on the door yesterday....telling her daddy "let's go gi joe...I have no ided where she learned that.
- If I ask her what she wants for lunch she will reply..."I am not hungry yet...I will let you know when I am"
- She is such a great big sister...she will say mama over and over trying to get Sophia to say it, if Sophia is crying she will come and let me know
- she is still a very picky eater...doesn't eat much
- calls all meat chicken, regardless of what it is
- loves watching shows with her dad (avatar cartoons, heroes, etc)
- loves her school so much...they love her
- is a girlie girl..loves wearing dresses

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