Sophia...15 months

Dave and I took Sophia to the dr for her 15 month appointment. She got 3 shots and unfortunately has yet another ear infection...10 days of 3 a day antibiotic...good times..

- is very active
- is still not walking...she is sooo close...she can stand up on her own without holding on to something...we can sometimes even trick into taking a step...she can walk fine holding one of our hands
- says mama, dadda, up, apple
- can point to her nose
- when we ask her what a cow says she says "mooo"
- loves peekaboo
- kids keep biting her at school because she shoves her finger in their mouth
- LOVES her big sister
- puts her hand up to her ear when we say hello...she is acting like she is on the phone
- says bye bye and waves
- loves and needs her sleep...her bedtime is 7pm...we wake her up around 5:30-6 to go to school...she sleeps in until 8 on weekends
- uses a paci sometimes...not very often like Isabella
- loves taking baths
- is a great eater...eats a lot more than her sister...often finishes Isabella's dinner
- is not a picky eater...will eat anything and everything!
- almost weighs 18 lbs...not quite there yet...dr. says she is normal, but will be petite
- when we say roll it...she starts rolling her arms over and over...it is so cute

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