Hump Day

I am soooo glad tomorrow is Thursday...This has been a VERY interesting week....I have been nervous all week because my principal is supposed to observe me tomorrow 6th period- AP Macroeconomics...I have just finished money creation and will start monetary policy...I know I keep going on and on, but I have to basically teach everything to myself..and just when I finally think I get it, someone ask me a question and I get confused...I went over my power point with Dave...he thought it was good, but started asking me questions...I got confused...then he started talking about quantitative easing one and two...I was like ...WHAT??? so I did lots of research and now understand it...economics is so complicated...BUT I LOVE IT!!!! My dream job would be teaching nothing but AP Macroeconomics....So I tweaked my lesson, showed it to Christa, and she thought it was really good...we shall see...I just hope he comes 6th because I want him to appreciate how hard I am working. If he comes my other period, he will still see good things, but not nearly as interesting.

Anyway, the girls have been super cute lately. I will say "give each other a kiss"...and they will...they hug, tease each other...really are enjoying being sisters. Friday is Dave and I's 5th year wedding anniversary. We take turns planning anniversaries and valentines day, so this year it is my turn. Christa and Brad are keeping the girls Friday night for us. I originally planned on surprising him with a nice hotel room downtown, dinner, dancing...but quickly changed that plan when I found out there was not one single 4 (or even 3) star hotel available...the March Madness Final Four will be in Houston...so we changed the date to Friday night (which will work out better)...Saturday our neighbors down the street that I have talked to a few times invited us over at 3 to hang out with them and another couple on the a street over...We all have little ones and they (just like us) want to get to know our neighbors!!! I am super excited Elizabeth knocked on my door and invited us. It is something I totally would do...I just have been so overwhelmed with things.

Oh...I almost forgot....last night I bought the girls the Disney movie "Tangled"...Dave and I took them to see it at the theatre and they both loved it...it finally came out on DVD...I kept asking Isabella to hold the case so I could take a picture for the blog...she refused...so I gave it to Sophia to hold...which made Isabella mad....too funny!!!!

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