hard day

Today was pretty hard...the girls went nuts when I got them ready for school. I was nervous because I knew my principal was coming in for my end of year observation during my AP Macroeconomics class...The students have been learning fiscal policy, money creation, money supply, loanable funds, money market...and today I was putting it all together and teaching Monetary Policy...the thing is that all of the previous topics were pretty difficult that we have spent weeks working on problems, talking, etc. If you were to come in one day it would sound like a foreign language. So my principal came in, and I felt the lesson went pretty well...I even taught quantitative easing 1 and 2...He left after the lecture when the kids were working on free response questions, applying what we learned...they did awesome...completely understood the material. The problem is that my principal didn't see the last part...It seemed complicated so in my evaluation he said that the kids didn't seem to get it...but that was far from the truth...anyway, it is just frustrating when you work so hard...I have a post observation meeting Monday, so I guess I will talk to him about it.

I picked the girls up from school and they were so cute. Isabella made a princess hat and wand..they were finishing up the fairy tale unit. I wanted to take a picture at home with her wearing it but she was tired and laid on the stairs in protest...so I took a picture of them without her.

Anyway, I am pretty excited that tomorrow is April Fool's Day which means Dave and I's 5 year wedding anniversary!!!!!

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