I have been pregnant 252 days so far:) not that I am complaining...I am so grateful that we are getting close to meeting Finley:)

I am 36 weeks today and can say that it is getting very uncomfortable to walk, get up, etc. I am trying to be a good sport.

This morning I stopped by the medical supply equipment and got my free double breast pump!!! I am super excited that my insurance is covering 100%. It retails for a hundred dollars which I am grateful for:)

We met Christa and the kids (all 5 of them!!!) at Katy Mills Mall to watch the new movie Turbo. It was really cute:)

After I took the girls to swim lessons. They really are doing awesome. I looked into once a week 30 minute lessons for just the two girls and it would cost 70.00 a week...I decided that since I am not working, I can't justify that expense. The only reason I looked into it is because as wonderful as the 2 week, 30 minute sessions are, each girl only gets about 5-6 minutes a day because there are 4 kids total. Anyway, I am just going to try and take them to the pool a lot before the fall.

For dinner tonight I made a freezer meal- Texas Lasagna...it was soooo good!!!! Definitely going to make it one of our regular meals..it has flour tortillas, meat, sauce, cheese..

Christa sent a couple of really cute Charlotte Picts:)

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