Today was all about hair in some way or fashion:) The girls did a decoupage craft where they decorated a large letter (the first letter of their name)..I bought the letters at hobby lobby. The girls were cutting out pictures when I went to the backyard to keep Dave company while he was cleaning the smoker. I hear a screaming and run inside to find out Sophia has cut a piece of her hair. Luckily it wasn't a huge piece!

Next we were off to get the girls haircuts. I planned on going this anyway. Isabella wanted it short (she had it short about a year ago)...I was hesitant but let her...after all it will grow...I wish it was a little longer, but she loves it and we will put bows and headbands in it...she is beautiful with short or long hair. With Sophia we just trimmed it about 3 inches:)

After we met Dave at the car wash place and then went to get frozen yogurt...life is good:)

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