Family Night

Today was a great day.  Christa called me bright and early and wanted for all the kids to hang out.  We decided they would come over and we would go to Hobby Lobby for the kids to pick out a craft to do.  Isabella and Allison made t-shirts and Abbey and Sophia decorated letters.

This evening Dave, the girls and I were invited over to dinner at one of my former co-workers house.  They are the nicest family ever!  Chris and his wife were very sweet and helped me with a project for my cultural counseling class.  They belong to the Mormon Church and I researched their religion for a project.  They were kind enough to invite me to their church and their house.  I was supposed to have dinner with their family (they have 10 kids ranging from 7 months to 17 years old) but I had to cancel because Christa found out she had cancer and I was too torn up to go over.  Chris called yesterday to invite us over and we had a great time.

Sophia and Isabella loved playing with their kids.  Everyone was so kind!  The thing I really enjoyed was the family night part.  All the kids had roles and everyone sang, read scripture, acted skits, etc.  I told Dave I would really like to incorporate a one night a week family night where we turn off all electronics and plan different family activities.  I could see reading a few books, maybe playing a board game, etc.  The girls love stuff like this:)

One more thing.  Today I pulled out my sewing machine and could not find an important piece.  I said the prayer to Saint Anthony (Patron Saint of lost items)...(and while saying the prayer I said that I understand it is not a real important item)...A couple of minutes later I tried looking for it in one more place and.......FOUND IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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