Today has been great!!! Busy, but great. Christa, Will, Abbey, and Allison came over bright and early (7:30 am) so I could bring Molly to the Vet. She has gone a couple of times to Christa's vet in Cypress, but I decided we needed to find one in Katy:) I thought I would drop her off at 8:10 and be able to make it to my 9:00 am dentist appointment. Apparently you are supposed to stay with your dog so Christa was awesome and met me to get her:) I have noticed Molly had not felt we'll and now I know why...she has whipworms...poor baby..they are contagious to humans and she is taking medicine.

Christa was awesome once again and helped me finish decorating Finley's nursery. The kids were so good and patient:) The pictures aren't that great because we are waiting for an electrician to come install the ceiling fan and light fixture.

We have our queen size bed in her room because we need a guest bed for when people come in from out if town:)

I am just so grateful for Christa's help..she is about to pop and was such a huge help!

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