Today was all about doctor appointments and the hospital.  I had a 9:30 doctor appointment and Sophia had to be at the hospital in the medical center for a three hour test to see how much human growth hormone her body naturally produces.
Dave and Sophia left early because of traffic and I got Isabella ready for school.  It was nice to have one on one time with each girl.  Isabella and I stopped for a while at Starbucks before I dropped her off at school.

I went to my doctor's appointment and had a 30 minute stress test where they hooked the baby up to a monitor to makes sure she was ok.  Doctor said she looked great!  I then had an ultrasound and was SOOOO happy to see that Finley was still head down!!!!
After my appointment I hurried over to Dave and Sophia so he could go to work.  Poor thing, she was very groggy and did not have much left of her test. Dave said she was such a trooper!!!! She cried when they gave her the shot and IV, but after that was really good.  I am glad I missed that part because I know I would have been crying...Here is the low down about the test.  Sophia has always been small for her age so we have been taking her to a pediatric endocrinologist.  They have done a ton of tests (blood, bone scans, etc) to see if anything is wrong.  So far they can't find anything...she is smart and perfect:) My wonderful pediatrician has said from day one she is fine, she is petite and both of her parents are not giants.  I asked the endocrinologist if there was anything else we could explore.  The human growth hormone test is the last thing we can check.  Basically they gave her an injection of something and then spent three hours taking samples of her blood at various times to see how much HGH her body naturally produces.  We will find out the results in 2 weeks.  If she scores a 10 or higher, she passes and we are good.  If she scores less than a 10 then she fails and Dave and I get to decide whether we want to proceed with having her take human growth hormone.  If we got that route, we have to see if the insurance will pay (because it is VERY expensive) and then one of us (or both) would have to give her daily HGH injections...which I really do not want to do.  Prayers that she passes the test and we don't even have to go there:)

After her test I promised to take her shopping.  She was so awesome!  I ended up taking her to my all time FAVORITE Houston Children's Resale Shop on Bellaire Blvd called Children's Collection.  They sell both new and gently used clothing/toys/shoes.  It is not convenient for me to drive to often, but it is totally worth the drive.  The lady who owns the store has been in the business for many years and she is VERY particular about the quality of items she sells and she her prices are AMAZING!!! Sophia got lots of cute school clothes and shoes! She loves dress up and begged me for a very cute lady bug outfit...The outfit still had the tags on it!  It was originally price 32.00 and then marked down to 11.00...I know she will wear it a ton.  I bought her some sparkly shoes for 6.00....

The girls and I got home and enjoyed one of Grandma Karen's frozen dinners she brought to us....yummy, easy, and we all enjoyed it! Sophia never wears a bib, but decided she didn't want to get food on her lady bug outfit.

Finally, here is a picture of the girls and their pjs.  I told them to go upstairs and get ready for bed.  This is how they came down. They are basically wearing matching pjs, but Sophia had to jazz hers up with a skirt. She loves being a fashionista!!!!

Tomorrow I was supposed to meet some friends and their kids at the pool to go swimming.  I decided to cancel because I am PETRIFIED that Finley will turn back to breach.  When she was feet down, one of the suggestions to turn her was to go swimming.  I just can't risk going swimming (when I only have 2-3 weeks left) and having her turn...That would mean I would have to have a C-Section which I am trying to avoid. My friends were super sweet and understanding.  Now I have to figure out something fun for the girls and I to do to make up for not taking them swimming:)  Life is good!

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