Today was pretty good...Dave worked from home because we had a few repairmen coming over. I dropped Molly off at Petsmart at 8 am to get groomed..she looks sooo good!! I forgot to take a picture:)
The air conditioning guy came over because air is not blowing into the baby's room..I was so mad after he left..what a scam..he spent 2 seconds in the room and then spent the rest of the time telling us about the thousands of dollars in repairs we needed...whatever!!! Our unit is a trane and not very old...it was just a scam repair guy...
Next up was the Comcast guy who came to install our security system...he was here almost all day...it is cool though..we have 2 video cameras. I am glad we got it because I will be at home with the baby and want to have extra protection:)

I spent most of the day finishing my crusts counseling class!!! I am finished!!! One week off, one class left! I picked up dinner from that new fusion restaurant down the road:) yummy tai coconut curry chicken for Dave and I, miso soup for Isabella, and sushi for Sophia:)

The girls were great today. They took a 3 hour nap:) At one point Sophia hid and I finally found her in the baby crib...I thought "oh no, she is going to need lots if attention when the baby arrives"..

After dinner we watched the Princess Bride. Dave loves the movie..I am not such a fan..apparently I am weird because everyone loves the movie...it got 97 approval on rotten tomatoes:)
Tonight Finley was moving like crazy, lots of Braxton Hicks and weird movements...in a week when I go to my next doctor appointment, if he says she flipped and is now head down, I know it happened tonight...fingers crossed she us not breeched next appointment:)
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