Family time

Today has been great! Christa, Brad, girls, and Will came over early because Will's dad was picking him up in Katy. We then had lunch at Thai Spice in Katy...the food was so good! Christa asked for something very spicy so she can go into labor..Monday she will be 39 weeks:)

I ordered coconut chicken curry again...2 days in a row:) must be a pregnancy craving. I also ordered a Thai iced coffee...it was really good:)

We got home and we were so tired from eating such a heavy lunch..we took naps and then got ready to go see Despicable Me 2.

The movie was really cute...Sophia even cried a little at the end because it had a sweet ending..she is my little sensitive girl:)

After the movie the girls checked out the new snail movie advertisement. They are planning their next summer movie..So far this is their 3rd movie:)

And finally, my mom flew in tonight from Seattle..we decided to go spend the night at Christa's because she is having contractions and other things..it might or might not be labor..untold Dave worst case we visit with my mom:)
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