I never met my grandmother- my Dad's mom...I don't know anything about my dad's mom or dad. Today Michelle was visiting uncle Brian (thankfully he didn't die) and he asked what Christa named her baby....she said "Charlotte", to which he replied "that was my mom's name"...my dad didn't even know that. Apparently she went by Lottie, but her birth name was Charlotte...speaking of which...

I dropped the girls off at school and then drove to Christa's to pick up my mom. I have the best mom..she wanted to come to my house and help me finish making the freezer meals:)

Isabella had a field trip at the Children's Museum of Houston. She had a great time but missed swimming lessons and was not happy when I picked her up because she missed her nap...she perked up soon after:)

Sophia meanwhile had a great day at school...they are learning about Robots at school...also, their school is installing Active Boards in the older classes!!! I had one in my classroom and it is awesome!!! I am so excited Sophia will get to learn on one...I joked that our tuition is probably going up again:)

Sophia did really well at swim lessons today. It was nice that she and I got some one on one time together.

Life is good..we are so blessed. My dad is coming to Houston tomorrow to meet the baby. I am just starting my last graduate class (school guidance counseling). I am going to try and do most of my work over the next couple of weeks because I want to concentrate on the girls, Dave, and baby in August:)
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