Sushi Time

Today was great.  I dropped the girls off at school and then I headed back home to do some graduate work.

 I met up for lunch with Christa, baby Charlotte, my friends Diana and Lisa, and Diana's daughter.  We ate sushi at AKA on Eldridge...It was soo good!!!!

Today is my sister April's birthday so I had a nice conversation with her.  She really wants to move to Texas and hopefully it will happen soon!
My friend Lisa was very sweet and gave them some books.  They were super excited and we read them when we got home.

 I ended up pulling out a freezer dinner for super (sandwiches).  They were ham and swiss on Hawaiian bread.

Dave put on Batman for him and the girls to watch.  I decided to sneak away and take a relaxing, hot bath...A couple of minutes after I was in the tub, Sophia came in and started undressing...she wanted to take a bath...and then a couple minutes later Isabella comes in and decides she wants to take a bath....too funny..It is a miracle that the three of us all fit.  My belly is HUGE!!!!!!
I have been trying to be good and not go crazy buying baby stuff.  We have been lucky that we have most stuff from the girls.  I have purchased a few small things here and there (rock and play, etc).  Today I was watching the Today Show and they did a segment on cool gadgets and items that help a baby sleep.  They spotlighted a carrier called "The Boba"...It looked very cool and comfortable.  I went online and read and ton of positive reviews...people were saying it is the best thing they bought...I found them on Amazon for 37.00...I bought one and can't wait to use it!!!!

The girls have been super silly and love posing for pictures and sneaking my phone and taking pictures of themselves:)

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