Who knew I could get so excited about a ceiling fan:)
Dave worked from home because we had repairmen coming over. I decided to make a few freezer meals this morning (3).

I met my sweet friend Lindsey for lunch at Cheesecake Factory:) She was very sweet and wanted to give me a present for Finley and Charlotte:)
Speaking of sweet Charlotte...

I decided to valet at the restaurant because after lunch I had to quickly run home and get the girls for swim lessons...on my way out the guy in front of me told the valet, please get her car first (people are really feeling sorry for me because I am so pregnant)..there were 3 business guys waiting after me and they also said to the guy, make sure you get hers before ours...well apparently the valet just didn't want to get my car...he got the first car and then when he pulled up in the business guys car next, they were so mad!!! They said sobering to the valet and then came around to say, once again, I'm sorry and that he paid for my valet!!! What a nice gesture!!! There are nice people:) I need to pass it on and do something nice for someone:)

I was running late (thanks valet guy) so Dave met me with the girls. They had a great swim lesson:)

We got home and waited for the electrician to come...I was so excited that Finley's fan and the other electrical problems would soon be fixed:)

They finally came and fixed most of my problems:) here are a few brighter pictures of the nursery.

Isabella has decided she wants an American Girl doll for her birthday:) I asked around and the majority of my friends agreed that yes, they were expensive, but worth it:)

Today was good...on a final note..putting the girls to bed...love them so much:)

And my 4 year old has a boy band poster on her wall:)

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